Vegan breakfast with coconut yogurt

You don’t have to cancel yogurt from your dietary plan when you become vegan or follow a plant-based nutrition plan. You only need to pick your favorite vegan option and use it in your breakfast or as a snack, getting the probiotics you need and also calcium, vitamin D and B12 if it’s enhanced –which it probably will be. Coconut yogurt is a fermented food which automatically makes it beneficial for your gut microbiome and immune system and using it as your healthy, cruelty-free base you can make miracles if you add antioxidants from fruit and chocolate. This combination will support your immune system loading it with vitamin C and antioxidants, while the fibre and the probiotics take care of your gut. Check the recipe below, which will only take a minute to make, and enjoy it in your first meal of the day or when you crave for something sweet and tasty.

1 coconut yogurt
2 tbsp pomegranate seeds
1 tbsp raw hazelnuts
30 gr dark fair-trade chocolate with orange
a handful of cranberries
a handful of black raisins

Put the yogurt in a bowl and add your pomegranate seeds, the hazelnuts, the cranberries and the raisins. Cut your chocolate in small pieces and add it too. Mix with a spoon and your breakfast/dessert is ready in 1 minute!

Instead of adding whole pieces of chocolate, you can grate it above your yogurt and use less so as to reduce sugar content in your recipe. It will still give a chocolate and orange scent to your meal, along with antioxidants, as long you make sure it’s dark, with at least 70% cocoa.

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