The "holistic approach"

Have you been told that a chronic disease is impossible to fight or heal? Τhat the only thing you can aim for is to learn how to live with it? We can tackle chronic inflammation together: our personalized health model will employ anti-inflammatory nutrition, homeopathy and supplementation all formulated to your personal requirements.It will not only help you to manage the symptoms but also restore your health using a truly holistic approach that will improve your physical symptoms as well as your general well-being. Imagine yourself with more energy, an efficient immune system and feeling healthier and happier!

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The increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases is dramatic: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, coeliac disease, Crohn’s, arthritis and autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto and other. The body is fighting itself, therefore any energy that could be used in a restorative way is instead becoming destructive for our system. The ability of the body to self-heal is lost and this is where we are going to intervene. We will help you stimulate your own body’s restorative system in a natural, gentle and yet extremely effective way.

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Consultation with

Kiki Marselou

A consultation with Kiki Marselou, BPharm, MPHarm, MFHOm (Pharm), holistic pharmacist, specializing in homeopathy and supplements aims to:

  • Help your body to self-heal. Homeopathy, anecdotally the second most frequently used therapeutic approach worldwide, will gently stimulate your own body’s restorative system in a natural way. Unlike most conventional medicine, it doesn’t suppress symptoms but restores the body’s own balance. To achieve that during our 60-75-minute consultation, I will focus on the emotional aspects along with the physical symptoms to find the remedy that will complement you personally. Homeopathy can also be used safely along side your current medications, as it does not interact with synthetic drugs.
  • Analyze the reasons why a chronic inflammatory disease has been established in the first place: A holistic approach often reveals the link between chronic inflammation and traumatic past events. How can we treat a disease if we don’t fully comprehend the cause?
  • Prepare a tailor-made supplementation plan to enhance the anti-inflammatory effects of the nutritional plan. Attention will be given to counselling you on the best choices of supplements from, avoiding the presence of heavy metals, and on the synergic action of different supplements. My expertise in both medicines and supplements, allows me to advise you on what supplements can be used safely along with your existing conventional medications.

Kiki Marselou is a holistic pharmacist with expertise in homeopathy, supplements and natural health. Kiki has a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, a diploma in Natural Health from the University of Ferrara (IT) and a diploma in Medical Homeopathy. She is a member of the British Homeopathic Association and a lecturer for the National Centre for Integrative Medicine based in the U.K. More on

Consultation with

Despina Marselou

The consultation with Despina Marselou (BSc, MSc, Pgd) Clinical Dietitian specializing in autoimmune diseases with a special interest in plant-based nutrition will focus on the following:

  • The causes that lead to chronic inflammation and autoimmune reactions: Factors that disrupt the gut microbiome, increase the pathogenic bacteria and “mutate” the existing good bacteria (theory: good bacteria that has gone bad).
  • The way our brain and immune system can be affected by intestinal degeneration and its consequences
  • A tailor-made diet protocol focusing on a plant-based diet. Foods to be suggested will include a variety of fruits, vegetables and legumes as well as a mixture of spices. Carefully designed protocol and meal plan according to your lifestyle will be discussed. Plant-based foods will be introduced carefully in order to avoid irritable bowel symptoms and prevent exacerbation of existing inflammation.
  • What to do holistically and how we can change our daily lives to improve our health (suggestions for better quality of sleep, removal of toxic and harmful substances from the kitchen, proper storage of food, different ways of cooking, food labels, which organic foods to choose and which to avoid.

What is the aim of our consultations?

  • To Strengthen the immune system (to induce better quality of sleep, physical well-being, mental activity)
  • To Suppress underlying or acute inflammation (to bring about a decrease in overall symptoms e.g. pain, stiffness)
  • Gentle integration with current medicines

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The “holistic approach” fees

The “holistic approach” fees: 280 £

First 60 minute session with Clinical dietitian Despina Marselou and after approximately one week the second 60 minute session with the holistic pharmacist Kiriaki Marselou.

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