The "feel good" nutrition plan

Dieting doesn’t have to be complicated or an unhappy experience. In fact, there are only three words you need to remember if you want to shift those pounds healthily and still eat delicious foods: plant-based nutrition with a Mediterranean twist.

Plant-based nutrition

Your gut bacteria affect how different foods are digested and via the brain-gut axis produce chemicals that help you feel full and happy. As a result, they can affect your weight and your brain in a positive way. Cultivate your microbiome, fuel yourself with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients and feel healthy and confident. The “feel good” nutrition plan includes delicious plant-based meals and easy-to-make recipes.

The “feel good” nutrition plan is personalized according to:

  • your metabolic type (age, sex, physical condition or exercise level, weight)
  • your hormonal state (water retention, mood swings, fertility challenges, reduced libido, weight fluctuations)
  • your immune response (susceptibility to infections, headaches, loss of energy )
  • lifestyle (sleeping patterns, work schedule, socializing)

The “feel good” nutrition plan contains all the nutrients a body requires in order to ensure no muscle loss (which can easily lead to regaining weight), boosts your immune power, improves your memory and prevents mood swings.

It provides the energy supercharge your body needs since it’s powered by plant-based foods and is fully loaded with antioxidants, improving the ability of your body to keep your blood sugar steady. This is critical for stress resistance and weight control.

The nutrition plan will include: recipes, hints and suggestions for snacks, weekly sample meal ideas. Any supplements will be tailored to your specific needs (note: these are not a substitute for healthy eating). The dietitian-nutritionist Despina Marselou might also discuss potential lifestyle changes where considered beneficial.

Finally, in the event you make plans to have night out (eating or drinking) appropriate suggestions will be made without complicated diet rules and endless lists of foods to consume or avoid every day.

The “feel good” nutrition plan fees

Initial 50 minute skype/zoom consultation: 75 £

25 minute follow up skype/zoom consultation: Α follow up consultation should be booked within a month for better results: 60 £

Skype name: despina.marselou