The "autoimmune protocol"

Developed societies have witnessed an increase in autoimmune diseases over recent years and the link between chronic inflammation, autoimmunity and gut microbiota seems to be undeniable. Chronic inflammation is considered a major contributor to several diseases and autoimmune activation such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, hashimoto and graves thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and multiple sclerosis. There is growing evidence that dysbiosis of the gut microbiota is a concerning issue for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

This protocol is carefully and responsibly designed for people that have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, suffer from chronic inflammation or have symptoms of autoimmune diseases without a specific diagnosis. My main focus on this protocol is to reboot your health by suggesting specific foods, herbs and selected herbal teas in order to improve your microbiome and mycobiome composition and decrease your autoimmune symptom pathology.

Book your consultation to reboot your microbiota with specific foods and meal ideas and get the expert advice you deserve to feel “yourself” again!

The “autoimmune protocol” with Despina Marselou (BSc, Msc, CERT) clinical dietitian specialized in autoimmune diseases will focus on:

  • inflammatory responses and potential triggers of autoimmune response/disease
  • your gut response (factors that have affected your microbiome composition, recurrent bloating episodes, digestive issues)
  • exposure to toxins, cooking methods and cookware materials, sleeping patterns

A tailor-made diet protocol focusing on plant-based anti-inflammatory foods will be carefully designed according to your specific needs and the symptoms of the disease.

Suggested foods: these will include a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes as well as a an appropriate mixture of spices and blends of green smoothies and herbal teas for better immunity and decrease of overall autoimmunity symptoms.

The “autoimmune protocol” fees

60 minute skype consultation: 120 £ (includes a 10 minute follow up skype session within a week)

25 minute skype consultation (a follow up consultation should be booked within a month for better results): 65 £

Skype name: despina.marselou