The "plant-based nutrition" mini seminar

Ready to switch to a plant-based diet? A whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) nutritional approach has shown to reduce the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, specific types of cancer and kidney dysfunction when compared to omnivorous diets, according to meta-analyses and epidemiological studies. The superpower nutrients in plant foods are thought to improve health by lowering levels of cellular inflammation and oxidative stress. Do you want more? A plant-based diet can affect bacteria in the gut in a beneficial way. Bacteria play a major role in numerous bodyily functions, including immunity, digestion and protection against disease.

Reboot your health and boost you immune system with a tailor-made plant-based nutrition plan, carefully designed by a plant-based expert!

The (add here) main focus of the “plant-based nutrition” mini seminar is to discuss the overall health benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet and is personalised according to:

  • your metabolic type (age, sex, physical condition or exercise level, weight)
  • your immune response (susceptibility to infections, headaches, loss of energy)
  • your gut response (factors that have affected your microbiome composition, recurrent bloating episodes, digestive issues)

The “plant-based nutrition” mini seminar promotes overall gut health by gradually introducing fibre in order to avoid bloating leading to improved digestion and you feeling your energy levels rise.

A tailor-made nutrition guide with sample meals and snacks will be provided with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals according to your needs, along with easy meal ideas to help your transition to a meatless diet.

Extras: A list with all the necessary protein substitutions and recommended foods that are high in omega-3 and calcium and ultimate food options to help you retain iron. Tips and tricks to help your body absorb more nutrients from your plant-based diet.

The “plant-based nutrition" mini seminar fees

60 minute educational skype/zoom consultation: 80 £

Skype name: despina.marselou