About me...

When I was twenty eight years old, I was diagnosed with Graves disease (autoimmune thyroiditis) and multiple thyroid nodules. It came as a shock to me. For almost two years I experienced inexplicably daily episodes of spasm on my feet toes, muscle weakness, brain fog (trouble formulating thoughts and accessing my memory) and fatigue.  

My doctor suggested thyroidectomy since the medication I was on, didn’t seem to control or at least put at ease any of my symptoms. I still remember my visit to the general surgeon where he announced that I am inexcusably late for surgery. 

He even suggested that the thyroid nodules could turn into cancer. I looked at my poor father who was completed offended by the doctor’s insensitive manner and together we rushed out of his office.

Thyroidectomy was performed a month later (in another general surgeon of course!) and for a couple of years, despite the reassurance that all symptoms will ease, I continue to experience most of them. As a dietitian I knew that nutrition play an important role so I did make changes on my diet. I went on a gluten free, semi vegetarian diet (fish, eggs and dairy included) where I felt significant improvement regarding my physical symptoms.

The cherry on the top came after my second pregnancy (I am lucky to have two wonderful little boys!) where I was diagnosed with bilateral vestibular disease (meaning: multiple vertigos throughout the day). It was impossible for me to drive, work or sleep! It took at least 5 different expert opinions, with a neurological exam and an MRI in the middle to exclude Multiple Sclerosis.

The words “deterioration” and “multiple medications” echoed through my head. It was then that I decided to have a big change in my life. I decided to give some time to myself and search for alternatives therapies.

I was aware of the connection between microbiome, chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases because of my Master’s degree. I also knew the factors that disrupted my gut microbiome increasing the chance of autoimmunity. Stress, overconsumption of dairy (I used to believe that there is no life without cheese) and hormonal changes (my pregnancies).

So I took a step back and decided to value what I knew best: Nutrition! I realized that semi vegetarianism was not enough, at least for my condition. I needed to go on a diet where the bacteria in the gut would thrive.

My passion for seeking evidence based nutrition knowledge prompted me to take the plant based nutrition course of T. Colin Campbell along with studying and researching food synergies based on Hippocrates ideal and holistic approaches for stress management. I created my own fasting nutrition protocol combined with Mediterranean herbs and teas where I followed for 4 months. I am thrilled to say that I have experienced robust health since then.

I began educating and empowering patients of mine to follow a whole plant based lifestyle in order to put their debilitating condition into remission with excellent results. Recently I became a scientist associate of the plant based professionals U.K. A non–profit organization passionate about promoting health and well-being using whole food plant-based diet where I encourage you to become a member for evidence based nutrition updates.

“My main aim is to share the knowledge of whole plant based lifestyle to people who suffer with chronic and autoimmune disease. I am not here to promote my own protocol and what worked for me. I firmly believe that every person is unique. No matter the distance, I am here to help you explore what works best for you through a personalized whole plant based lifestyle-not a diet- and feel “yourself” again