Water filter: why is it essential

Water is the first and most important substance we need not just for a strong immune system, a healthy microbiome and a functional body, but to survive! It doesn’t get more basic than this! If we consider that our bodies are about 70% water, we understand how important it is to maintain our hydration at a healthy level every single day. Staying hydrated and following a balanced, mostly plant-based nutrition can even help our body deal with inflammation, autoimmune and other chronic diseases.

Seeing how important water is for our survival and well-being and knowing it’s a substance we must consume in large quantities every day, it’s essential to keep it as clean as possible. That’s why filtered water is essential for many reasons:

It’s clear of dirt, mud, sediments that may pass through the pipes to our tap water. All these give a weird taste to your water and are certainly not healthy to consume on a daily basis.

It’s lower in minerals. Water from our tap contains minerals like iron, calcium and manganese, coming from pipes, ground etc, which may not be dangerous, unless they’re found in large amounts. If your water contains high amounts of these, then its taste will be metallic or bitter and it may even affect the taste of your food.

It’s lower in harmful pathogenic microorganisms. Parasites and bacteria like E.Coli often thrive in water coming to our home from underground pipes. Some parasites may cause gastrointestinal distress and may not be destroyed by chemicals like chlorine. Water filtering is a good solution that can prevent these pathogens from reaching our glass.

It’s lower in chlorine. It’s very common for chlorine to be used for water disinfection, in order to eliminate most bacteria. But chlorine may alter the smell and taste of water and at the same time we don’t want it to enter our system, not even in such small quantities, because we drink water all the time! A good filtration system with granular activated carbon is proven to remove certain chemicals, particularly organic chemicals. If you’re sensitive, you may even need a shower filter.

It’s lower in heavy metals. Metals like lead and mercury can lead to serious diseases in the future, like cognitive decline, kidney failure, brain damage, miscarriages and even blindness. There are many heavy metals that may accumulate in our body from water coming from old pipes.

It’s lower in toxic chemicals. Pesticides and other toxic chemicals used in farming contain substances that dissolve in water. Since these pesticides have been used for decades, these substances are now accumulated in underground waters and need to stay away from our system.

Don’t wait any longer, talk to an expert and choose a good filtration system so that you can say “cheers” when drinking your water and not worry about you and your family’s health.

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