Speaker in British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s webinar on Gut Microbiome

A very important part of my job as a Clinical Dietitian specialized in autoimmune diseases, gut microbiome and plant-based nutrition, besides the direct connection with people and our contact through my websites (www.getactive.gr, www.notanordinarymum.gr and www.feedyourimmunity.com) and social media, is the ability to participate as a speaker in webinars, festivals and conferences in my country, Greece, but also in other European countries, which gives me the chance to provide, but also receive, evidence-based knowledge in important health issues, according to my expertise in autoimmune diseases, gut health and immune system.

In this context, my next presentation on the 20th of July 2021 makes me really grateful and honored as it will be hosted by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, an association created in 2016 by two doctors and a surgeon (Dr Rob Lawson, Laurence Stewart and Michael Boyle), aiming to promote Lifestyle Medicine in the medical community and provide evidence-based knowledge. British Society of Lifestyle Medicine also collaborates with UK Plant-based Health Professionals, where I’m a scientific associate, and it’s really an honor to be asked to participate in something so big and important.

More specifically, on the 20th of July, in this webinar by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (a member-only webinar), focused on gut microbiome and health, I will be able to talk about gut microbiome and nutrition, unfolding the ways our gut microbiome is affected, how important its balance is for our immune system and how we can protect and take care of it through our nutrition choices, always with evidence-based information. I’ m going to refer to all types of nutrition, and step by step, through the latest studies, we’ re going to see which type of nutrition is the best for gut health and immunity support, while we’ll take a look at two case studies, where patients of mine managed to reduce their autoimmunity symptoms, simply by adapting to plant-based nutrition and lifestyle techniques.

I’m also honored to participate in this very important webinar along with GP partner and trainer Sheena Fraser from Glasgow, who will talk about the science of gut microbiome.

This webinar is certainly going to be very interesting, especially for health professionals and doctors who want to expand their knowledge on gut microbiome and help their patients in the best possible way.

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