Grounding: what do you know about Vitamin G?

Just like the sun gives us warmth and vitamin D, Earth is also taking care of us with food, water and… antioxidants.  That’s right! The surface of Earth provides us with a very inner and natural energy that helps us with our health and immune system, helping us heal, acting against inflammation and autoimmune diseases, doing good to our gut microbiome and giving us something like Vitamin G (G from Ground).

When we have absolute, immediate connection to Earth with nothing standing between us and the ground, our system is –in a way- reprogramming in a new level of function, which is also the kind that we’re meant to have in the first place. “Where do I sign?” you may think. In fact, all you need to do is get rid of your shoes and socks and take a half an hour walk in the park, in wet grass, soil or sand, letting yourself immerse into grounding and get all its benefits. You can even lie down or simply wade in a clear lake or swim in the ocean.

What really happens is that our body is full of water and minerals, making a good  conductor of electrons. Free electrons in the surface of Earth can transfer easily into our system, as long as we have immediate connection to Earth, something we sadly don’t do often, since our shoes with their synthetic soles act as insulators, disconnecting us from the Earth and its electric field. Since we all spend most of our time indoors, we don’t get to ground much, except maybe with the exception of summer vacation.

Benefits of grounding
Grounding of an organism can produce measurable differences in the concentration of white blood cells, cytokines and other molecules that are linked to an inflammatory response in our system. At the same time, research shows that it can diminish the pain and alter the number of neutrophils and lymphocytes and affect multiple chemical factors that are linked to inflammation. More specifically, grounding has many benefits, like the ones below.

It benefits sleep: It seems that sleeping in grounding sheets can lower cortisol levels (stress hormone) and benefit sleep especially in those who suffer with pain and muscle soreness.

It helps with pain and wound healing: Intensive exercise can cause temporary injury to muscles. Research shows that those who rested in grounding sheets and systems had less pain, which was assessed with different techniques. Furthermore, white blood cells seemed to rise in participants that didn’t use grounding systems, as their immune system responded to the injury, while the group that used grounding systems presented stable white blood cells. Although neutrophils rose in both groups after injury, grounding group had lower rise and their lymphocytes remained lower. This means that the body of those who grounded fixed the damage of the injury and healed quickly, having fewer symptoms of inflammation.

It’s anti-aging: The antioxidants our body receives from grounding go through every part of our body. This means that antioxidant electrons go to places where the integrity of the tissue could be jeopardized.

It fights chronic inflammation: According to research, our body heals very differently (as we mentioned above) when it’s grounded, with a quicker response from our body, smoother symptoms and a good possibility to lower chronic inflammation that may lead to chronic illnesses. Rapid resolution of painful chronic inflammation was even confirmed in 20 case studies.

It benefits in autoimmune cases: Our disconnection from Earth may have strong effects in the dysfunctions of our body, while it seems to be linked to chronic illnesses caused by a chronic inflammation. Lack of electrons in our body can lead to chronic fatigue, deceleration of cell movement and other issues. In these cases, even a small injury/damage can lead to long-term health issues and a worn-out immune system which is always alert, reaching a point it can’t distinguish different chemical structures of the body, bacteria, cancer cells etc. It loses its immunological memory and attacks immune system cells, tissues and organs, leading to autoimmune diseases like diabetes type 2, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus etc. In such cases, grounding can reduce the pain and help the immune system’s function.

As mentioned above, grounding is about having immediate connection with the Earth (grass, wet soil preferably, ocean), with bare feet for about 30 minutes a day. Since this is quite hard in big cities and long winters, there are grounding systems you can find, like a variety of conductive products, such as earthing sheets, mats, bands and patches. Instead of driving a metal rod into the ground outside, running a wire from the rod and then connecting it to ourselves (which is impossible in the cities), these products do the job, as they connect to the Earth through wire into a grounded jack.

Could it be time you grounded yourself?

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