Simple, holistic tips to boost your energy every day

As if everyday life wasn’t already hard on us, a bonus Covid-19 pandemic spread worldwide made it even more difficult for everyone, affecting our mental and overall health. And when everyday life gets even harsher, energy seems to take a dip for many reasons. Poor diet affecting negatively gut microbiome and immunity, mental health issues, psychological reasons and low quality sleep are usually the main reasons that can be dealt with in a great percentage in a holistic way. Nutrition plans and homeopathy can help in a more organized and personalized way (check out your options here), but till you get there, there are certain tips that can help charge your batteries and keep you going in a more cheerful and energizing way.

Make the right food choices
Foods high in fiber and antioxidants and low in fat make us feel full longer, feed our gut microbiome and keep us energized without creating spikes in our blood sugar and messing with our energy. Make sure you get some antioxidant cocoa for breakfast along with very energizing dried fruit like raisins, plums, figs etc. You can mix dried fruit with nuts as a snack any time of the day for a healthy, energizing fiber load along with good fat that will keep you full and strong, with benefits for your heart. Another super energizing snack is banana with molasses or tahini, especially after exercise, for instant toning. Stick to a whole food plant-based diet, minimize meat and dairy consumption and make it a habit of yours to eat probiotic and prebiotic foods, like sauerkraut, tempeh, soy sauce, sweet potato, apples, asparagus etc.

At some point, especially during summer, we have all felt signs of fatigue, attributing this to hot weather. The truth is, though, that most likely the reason for this feeling is probably dehydration. In order to always feel energized and in the best possible mood, make sure you get enough water and fluids that will keep you going, along with balanced, plant-based meals (remember fruits and vegetables are also highly hydrating).

I can tell you from my experience that even those times that I’d love to just stay put all day (which is ok sometimes, don’t feel guilty, do it!), if I take the big step and get myself moving (whether that’s exercise, walking, swimming or anything that suits me at the time) I magically get my energy back in the end. It’s no joke that those endorphins released by exercise trigger such a positive feeling in the body, that could be similar to morphine, reducing stress, pain and giving us a more positive and energizing outlook on life. Seriously, try it one time you feel empty of energy.

“Fix” your sleep
It’s no wonder that you’ll feel sluggish the next day if you don’t get enough sleep. And if that’s a more permanent situation, you’re most likely to feel “low battery” all the time. I know sleep is a difficult thing to fix. It’s not impossible though. Attempt to have a ritual that helps you relax before sleep, like a hot bath, meditation, stretching, reading a book. Try to avoid blue light from cell phones, tablets, laptop, eat your dinner 2-3 hours earlier before going to bed and make light choices (say “no” to fat, alcohol, sugar, spicy and acidic foods and prefer a hot comfort vegetable soup, a green salad, herbal teas etc), try grounding products. You can see more natural tips here and learn more about grounding here and you can always get a more personalized and holistic help (see here).

Take a look inside
If your everyday life makes you stressed all the time, if you feel vulnerable and melancholic, you may need to look into things a little bit deeper. You can deal with stress and temporary melancholy in many ways, using meditation, yoga, hobbies, good sleep, balanced nutrition, talking to friends, practicing homeopathy, but if your problems are deeper, you’ll need to dig deeper too. Talk to a professional that will help you get your life and you mood back, so that you’ll gain back your energy. Don’t forget that you need to have a holistic approach on the matter, where diet and alternative medicine can help.

Don’t forget: A good sleep, a balanced diet and positive emotions always “feed” us energy. It’s as simple as that!


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