How cold showers support our immune system

A strong immune system and a balanced gut microbiome is the result of many factors in our everyday life. We know that nutrition is a basic one, with plant-based diet -focused on whole plant foods- found to be more beneficial, according to research. Quality sleep, exercise and reduction of stress are also very important, with most people being aware that all these are essential to stay healthy and strong. But if you want to take it one step further, take a cold shower!

It may sound weird, but it’s amazing what cold water can do to our body and our health. There’s a reason why athletes sink in cold water trying to recover and reduce fatigue after exercise. And while you may think you’re not an athlete and maybe you won’t be able to handle cold water, the trick is to try it gradually. Don’t reject the idea and don’t rush into a bathtub full of ice either. As with everything in life we ‘re not used to, you need to make a smooth transition. Start with 30 seconds of cold water every time, trying to increase the time as much as you can handle. Why should you bother, you may wonder. I’m glad you asked.

Immune support
Research shows that those who have cold showers 30-90 seconds, have 29% lower risk of getting sick with viruses. This led researchers to believe that being exposed to cold water can support the immune system. It doesn’t mean you won’t get sick ever again, but the stronger the immune system, the weaker the illness.

Pain perception
Some research show that cold water can play a role in the perception we have over pain and therefore it can help us handle pain. This happens due to the contraction of blood vessels, which can decrease swelling and slow down pain signals.

Better mood
Cold showers can improve our mood, stimulating our sympathetic nervous system (a division of the nervous system that prepares our system in cases of threat). Also, they can raise the availability of the chemicals that make us feel good (like endorphins) and lower the risk of depression and stress, making our body tolerate them better. 

More alert
This one is quite understandable, as cold showers awaken our body, making us breathe deeper, lowering the levels of carbon dioxide in our system, helping us concentrate.

Weight loss
Yes it’s true! According to research, cold water exposure can play a role in the better regulation of glucose and if you combine that with a healthy and balanced plant based nutrition, you can see you body change over time for the better.

Before you try it, know that you mustn’t replace medical advice on your own and avoid it if you have low immunity, heart or respiratory problems. Always consult your doctor in order to be safe and let me know how it goes!

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