Anti-aging tips for better and longer life

Let’s all agree that there’s no magic filter, a big secret or a single superfood that will keep us young, healthy and beautiful forever. Time will pass, aging is inevitable and we have to love and protect ourselves in every stage of our life. While practicing this mindset, there are some things we can do that can have an impact on the inside and outside, that can support our immune system, gut microbiome and general health, which is the most important factor for us to feel and seem well. Establishing that we take care of our health first, these tips can make aging less “aggressive”.

Opt for plant-based milk
Research is solid on dairy and its connection to aging and acne, as cow’s milk and dairy contain IGF-I, a hormone similar in molecular structure to insulin, which is found to be a primary cause of acne, along with foods with high-glycemic index. What’s more, lactose intolerance as we grow is becoming more and more common, while dairy is also linked to an increase in skin wrinkles and greater possibility for hip fractures, despite what we always thought about milk, calcium and bones. Unfortunately, bad effects on dairy don’t stop here, as it’s linked to higher risk for certain kinds of cancer, like prostate cancer, breast and ovaries cancer, as well as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. In order to stay safe from all these risks, you need to make a transition to plant-based, sugar-free milk, free of hormones, antibiotics and saturated fat.

Eat more greens
Dark leafy greens are probable the healthiest choice you can make if you want to get all the vitamins, fiber and antioxidants you need for better health and looks. Researchers from Harvard University that analyzed multiple food groups found that dark leafy greens are linked to greater protection from chronic diseases, with every portion we consume lowering the risk and benefiting our brain. Note that it’s an amazing food for every age, with healthy older people that consume at least one portion, exhibiting less cognitive damage than those who don’t consume vegetables at all. My advice? Be generous to yourself, your brain, your immune system, your gut microbiome and your skin and don’t stick to just one portion. Make it a habit of yours to consume at least 5 portions a day (1 portion=1/ cup cooked or 1 cup raw). Adopting a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle will definitely help. According to research from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, about 1/3 of premature deaths could have been avoided with a plant-based nutrition, as it is proven that it can reverse and prevent heart diseases and also lower the risk for cancer, diabetes type 2, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity or even reverse some cases. What’s more, plant-based nutrition can improve skin tone, fight acne and irritations and at the same time benefit the environment and the animals.

Move your… feet
Did you know that we can have a lower body age just by getting off the couch and get moving? Set a goal of 10 thousands steps a day, which you can reach gradually, especially if you’re not moving at all at the moment or if you do, try to increase intensity of your workout. Better body age means less cancer and heart diseases risk and more healthy years to come. Try not to stay seated for a long time and if you work in an office, make sure you get off the chair every 30 minutes just for 5 minutes, just to walk or stretch. Sitting for prolonged periods of time increases risk for certain diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even death, regardless of whether a person exercises regularly or not.

Improve your sleep
We all know that ideally, we should sleep 7 to 9 hours daily, with no interruptions. A 6-sleep 5 times a week can increase wrinkles, black circles and make our skin look old and tired, while constantly sleeping inadequately can increase the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, brain and memory problems, weak immune system, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re having trouble sleeping try a ritual that calms you down, like a hot bath before sleep, light dinner, dim lights, no blue lights, meditation or try homeopathy or acupuncture, as a natural way to resolve your problem. Find more tips here. Don’t forget that regular meditation can also  improve brain health, protect us from aging and those who practice it for years appear to live longer, as they have longer telomeres (end of the chromosomes that maintains DNA integrity). Make it a habit of yours to meditate daily for a few minutes when you wake up or go to bed.


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