6 tips for a healthy year

These days, with the beginning of the new year, everything is all about goals. Goals are a good thing, they help us get closer to our dreams, as long as we don’t set them automatically, because we’re used to doing so.

Having spent almost all of 2020 in the shadow of a pandemic which is still ongoing, I’d say that for 2021 it would be wise to focus even more on our health, nutrition, immune system, gut microbiome, following simple principles that will help us maintain the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves.

Choose natural: Set the goal of trying to eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds this year, preferably organic. Avoid processed foods, say “yes” to whole wheat in any case, remember that it’s better to eat the whole fruit than drinking its juice. Mostly plant-based nutrition is what you should aim for. 

Control the sugar you eat: Added sugar is everywhere, especially in processed, packaged foods, soft drinks and pastry. Avoid those and prefer eating sugar from natural sources like fruit. Sugar raises the risk for obesity, diabetes, cancer and chronic inflammation and according to World Health Organization, we must cut sugar to less than 5% of our daily calories. So let this be our standard goal.

Cook: Homemade food is certainly better than fast food and fried delicacies we’re used to ordering, as we’ve got control on the ingredients, cooking methods and quantities. Make it a habit of yours, experiment and if you need some help to get started, check out healthy, immune-friendly and super tasty recipes in the blog section of feedyourimmunity.com.

Hydrate: Avoid soft drinks and packaged juices and drink plain old classic water (you can enhance it with herbs and fruit for a healthy cocktail). Green tea is also a good idea in your daily plan.

Exercise: Whether this means talking a brisk walk or doing pilates and yoga, pick your favorite way of moving and… get moving! Exercise supports our immune system, mental health, gut microbiome, burns calories and makes us feel good. Don’t skip it!

Get checked: Plan your annual check-up and keep in check any chronic conditions you may have, paying a regular visit to your doctor, your dietitian, your health professional.

These are the standard goals for me and my family’s best health and the first things on my list forever, because health is not a goal you accomplish one year and move on the next. It’s a constant battle. And if we don’t have our health, we have nothing.

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